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The Crystal Ball

Here's a list that represents a large percentage of all the questions asked when someone first encounters a land use problem.

Pick a question from the menu and you will go to the query model that forms the basis for the solution.

Users will come away with a good understanding of the land regulations that apply to them and have a basis for developing a strategy to solve their problem.

The idea is to create a drill-down query system similar to the way many of the tax software packages work. The answers to each question lead to the next relevant question and so on until the answer or set of options is identified. Each answer along the path is written to the database so the session is recorded for future retrieval.

After the entire session is complete, the user will have a detailed document of the session with answers to each of the questions along the way. This document will serve as a strategic road map for the applicant to follow to obtain various zoning approvals. Or it may serve as a support document to real estate transactions, appraisal reports, title examinations, disclosure requirements, etc.